Invest In Barcelona’s Real Estate

Invest In Barcelona’s Real Estate

Barcelona is Spain’s second most populous municipality, the largest metropolis on the Mediterranean Sea and sixth most populous urban area within the European Union.

The Capital of Catalonia is without a doubt a favorite amongst tourists and property investors. It is an attractive destination and one of the leaders in Tourism, Trade fair, Economic, and cultural centers. This magnificent city and its influence in Commerce, Education, Science and Arts all contribute to its status as one of the world’s global cities.

Barcelona’s appeal:

Excellent location and connectivity, with great access to Southern Europe, a link to Africa and Latin America. The city boasts a high-speed train station, motor ways linked to European networks, the second largest trade fair sites in Europe and biggest logistic zones in Southern Europe.

Quality of life, Barcelona is a leader in the quality of life category with a perfect Mediterranean climate, gastronomy and it is home to some of the most spectacular natural wonders in Europe.

Low interest rates, Non- residents may obtain a loan between 50 – 70% of the value of the property, with Euribor based mortgage rates.

Smart City, Barcelona is Spain’s leading “Smart City” constantly improving and redeveloping large scale public investments and extensive opportunities for the private investments. Barcelona is Europe’s fifth best city and eleventh in the world for scientific production.

Entrepreneurial and business friendly, based on its regulations, Institutional support, licensing, taxes and policies etc. Spain has one of the most efficient laws.

Diverse and constantly growing, Barcelona is one of the greatest engines to the Spanish economy.

The economy of Spain is recovering, however Barcelona has demonstrated a more rapid growth rate compared to other parts of the country and due to the volume of international business and high number of tourists, it makes this city a great investment opportunity.

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