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Design Advisory We analyze projects, plots, and existing buildings, perform a pier review of existing projects, preliminary design assessment and provide feedback and options for improvement on our clients project. WIRED Corporation partners with well established, leading, full-service architectural and design companies who are committed to providing our clients with customized designs and architectural masterpieces. […]


Real Estate Market Research & Advisory We provide Real Estate Market research with in-depth analysis on current and future supply and demand trends. Our qualified research team ensures that our clients receive customized, independent and impartial market research to suit their individual requirements.We partner with leading industry research firms to deliver market analysis and insight […]


Project Management PM – Project Management can make or break a real estate project planning. If the project is not executed and managed correctly, it can cause delays and additional, unnecessary costs. The WIRED Corporation team sets up all the components of the project to work in sync to ensure a successful outcome for our clients […]


Client Representation Dealing with real estate requires a team of trusted, professional industry experts to ensure that you receive the best representation to meet your goals. We work our clients to determine their objectives and to fully understand their requirements in order to best represent their interests. We assists our clients in every aspect of a project in […]


Real Estate Valuations An accurate estimate of your real estate property value is crucial to successfully manage financing, lease or sale, investment analysis, property insurance and taxation. We provide a full range of services to carefully assess the value of each investment properties, such as commercial, hospitality, residential etc.     For more information on Real […]


Project Cost Reports  An accurate cost report is a useful tool in Real Estate Developments that assists in providing key information during the construction phase of the project. WIRED Corporation provides objective and precise output in all interactions. We are transparent in every project cost, providing clear updates and financial information at each stage because we understand how important […]


Authorities Application Our team of experts in conjunction with our legal partners works to ensure successful management of our clients applications to Authorities in each country, such as building permits, construction licenses, tax submissions, Authorized translations, Regulatory administration documents, and obtain all required approvals for our clients and investors during the project.     For more information […]


Spain Investor Visa Program The Spain Investor Visa program, also known as the “Golden Visa” grants the investor and his/her immediate family members residency in Spain with access to Work opportunities, Education & Healthcare.   Key Facts Minimum Real Estate Investment of 500 000 Euros Residency for Immediate family members EU Schengen visa travel Flexible – […]


Asset Management Our expert team of property and asset management consultants ensures that our client receive the best solutions tailored to their exact requirements and objectives by maximizing returns on investments, delivering operational efficiency, and providing accurate and informed decisions that drive revenue and deliver value: Annual Operations Budget Annual Business Plan Capital Budget Management Reporting […]

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